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How to prevent the EPAL3 tray from being mouldy

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When EPAL3 tray is used in recycling, users will decide whether or not the tray needs to be repaired or eliminated according to a uniform standard. The unified standard and the strict quality control system ensure the safe use of the quasi pallet in the world and facilitate the smooth circulation. The reusable tray is of great commercial value for the importers in Europe and America, which can be transferred directly to the next customer and can be exchanged with other pallets. Pallets are also a type of tray type used in many warehouses and freight transport centers, which can play a role in many aspects in the whole process of transporting goods, and there are many advantages in the process of application.
EPAL3 tray in the use process, we need to pay attention to the following matters, so as to extend the service life. First of all, when placing the wine bottles, drinks and other types of goods, it needs to be placed according to the different specifications. At the same time, one finger space is left between the bottles, so as to prevent the sound of collision in the lifting or walking, there is a certain safety hidden danger. The second is the difference of the size, shape and volume of the goods, which should be placed differently, effectively avoiding the occurrence of sliding and other phenomena. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to place it in a certain order to reduce unnecessary economic losses.
A wooden tray in the long-term use of the process will encounter a difficult problem, that is mildew, it is not like other items as long as the use of the mildew, but the wooden tray is not. So why is the wooden tray mildew? Wooden pallets are mainly used in logistics freight for a long time. They are exposed to different kinds of articles and are exposed to frost and sun.
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