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How to distinguish the quality of the export pallet?

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Some vendors can be identified because they are afraid of bad quality, so a good layer of wood will be added to the outer layer of the export tray so that it can't be distinguished from the outside. So it's not just to look at the outside, but also to see the material inside. The weight of the wooden tray itself is relatively small, and even if it is not used, it can also be easily recovered. There is a certain effect of radiation resistance, low cost, no waste of resources, and good protection for the objects loaded inside.
In recent years, it has been gradually recognized by the public, and the amount is constantly rising. However, because of the use of more, some manufacturers will take the production of poor products to recharge. This is how we should learn to judge from appearances. In general, good and bad points can be seen from appearance, and can be distinguished once, not fooled and inferior. Why can solid wood packaging boxes be used as some packaging materials for fissile materials? This is because of its high pressure performance, but the weight of its own little, if there is an external impact, can also resist, so it can be good protection of the items. Solid wood packaging boxes are not only limited to one pattern but also multiple choices. Depending on the occasion, using different production can save more cost calculation.


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