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To control the moisture content of the warehouse tray materi

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If the warehouse tray is in the early stage of production, no water treatment of the material is good, then in the natural drying, the material will be dry shrinkage, deformed and split possible. So we can not ignore any step to avoid it in the later stage. When making, it is necessary to control the water content of the material to a certain amount. Why should we do so? This is because when raw materials are transported, there will be plenty of moisture in them, which may lead to some insect pests or moldy. Therefore, it is necessary to control the moisture within a certain range to ensure that there will be no such problems in the later stage of processing. If there is any sign of decay in peacetime, it must be because of the removal of moisture before the application of wood.
The warehouse tray greatly reduces the turnover time of the goods. It sets the goods together in order, and then unify them through the forklift. This can effectively help the supplier to deliver the goods to the customer, and also to ensure its tidiness and integrity. To protect people from bodily harm caused by carrying heavy objects. Wooden pallets can be used in flight attendants, and can also be used to transport glass and paint, as well as moving goods in some supermarkets.
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