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Analysis of the cause of standardization of wooden pallets

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It is not difficult to prevent the wooden mould of the tray manufacturer from becoming moldy.
First of all, we must first understand its growth condition before we can prescribe the right medicine. Mold growth factors are mainly restricted by wood moisture content, air temperature and humidity. When wood moisture content is greater than 20%, mold growth is slow. When wood moisture content is greater than 35%, mold will grow in a suitable environment. The mold growth has a certain temperature range. The suitable temperature for the growth of fungi is 24-30.
When the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius or higher than 40 degrees Celsius, the growth speed of mold will be limited and slow. Low temperature always improves the growth rate of mold, but can not kill mold. The high temperature will kill the mold and break its roots.
A summary of the reasons for the mildew of standardized wooden pallets:
1. The water is not dry after disinfection.
2. The storage tray position is moist;
3, the pallet is tight, the tarpaulin bag is not ventilated;
4, pallets are used in wet environments, such as marine environment, which easily cause moldy wooden pallets.
Spring is particularly damp. Wooden pallets are easily mouldy and moldy, which directly affects the appearance of wooden pallets. When we prevent standardized wooden pallets from becoming moldy, we can control the chance of molds on pallets by limiting the growth environment of molds. As long as the moisture content, air temperature and humidity of the control board are not in the growth range of the mold.
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