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The export tray should be made strictly

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Because the production process of the export pallet is relatively strict, this leads to certain superiority in its application. First of all, its affordability is much heavier than that made in general, and the cost of production will not increase. If there is a damaged place, refurbishment is also very simple. It is placed at different temperatures and does not cause any damage to itself. It can be used in all fields. Although all functions of pallets are superior, they are easy to get damp, so they must be placed in dry conditions.
The export pallets are made mainly by some foreign standards, the size of the shape, the weight that can be weighed, the selection of wood types, the humidity, and the shape. So when manufacturing, it must be very precise, and in the final verification can be used. The wooden pallet is made according to a certain range, which will help greatly in the future recycling and repair. Because they are all produced in accordance with the unified regulations, the gap between each one will be very small. If the broken parts can be recycled on the new amount, the cost is greatly saved and the material will not be wasted.
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