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EPAL pallet with strong applicability

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1, the EPAL tray's warehouse should be strictly burglarproof.
2, non material storage personnel shall not enter the material warehouse at will, and the material storage personnel shall be responsible for stopping it, otherwise, they shall be punished according to the regulations.
3. Fire fighting equipment should be installed in and around the warehouse, and the distribution map of fire equipment should be set up to ensure safety.
4. When entering the warehouse, there should be a metric measuring instrument certified by the standard bureau, and it should be corrected and safeguards at any time, so as to avoid discrepancies in the materials received and transmitted.
5. All materials should be arranged in order. We should use the "position card" to mark the name and number of the material and draw the location map of all kinds of materials.
6. Explosives and inflammable dangerous goods should be kept together with other articles. The words "obstructing the discharge" should be marked in the prominent place and the insurance should be made.
In addition, the size of the EPAL tray is also related to the size of the container unit. The size of container units also involves the size of packaging units, freight cars, railway wagons, storage channels and goods, and even the basis of logistics. The structure of the facilities, loading and unloading of cargo handling stations, railway stations, ports, wharfs and the standard dimensions of handling equipment.


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